Nylon Thread


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Custom colours designed to ensure the perfect blend every time. Our nylon thread is extremely fine and seamless. No coatings and no bounce. Perfect for any weave style.

Length: 1400metres

Fabric: Nylong

Nylon thread for hair extensions is a must have when choosing your sewing thread. It  is used in hair extensions, wigs, and weaves because of it’s durability and seamless thin finish. This product is made from nylon fibres that are coated with a very unnoticeable resin keeping it soft and fray free. But finding the perfect blend of Nylon thread can be a difficult task, but not anymore, as Baciami is here to help you out. Baciami is the leading online hair extension and accessories in Australia, providing customers with the best solution suited to their needs at affordable prices. Our thread is thin, not bulky and strong enough to not be able to break with your hands.

The perfect range with Baciami

  • The perfect colour
    We offer a wide range of colours to give you a custom-made colour that blends perfectly with your natural hair and the extensions chosen. We use only top-grade raw materials, like our premium nylon thread that never bounces.
  • Stunning styles at affordable prices
     Baciami offers an affordable and high-quality range of hair extensions online. With our unique nylon thread, we ensure that your weave is seamless, durable, and comfortable to wear. Our low price point also allows you to buy in bulk to save on multiple orders - ensuring that you never pay more than you need to for a high-quality nylon thread!
  • Made with durable material
    The nylon thread offered by Baciami is made with durable material and ensures that you get your money's worth. The thread is designed for every weather condition and would not break in the middle of the use – that is our guarantee. It is undoubtedly the best heavy-duty product you can get your hands on.

Buy Nylon Thread Online in Australia
In your quest to buy nylon thread online in Australia, you simply cannot find a better partner to help you out than the premier hair extension and accessories company in Australia. Our Nylon threads are not only the best in the industry but also the best price. Made with durable material, you can rely upon them at the time of your need without worrying about them breaking down in the middle of their use. And if that is not enough to convince one that our guaranteed hassle-free and timely delivery is sure to do the job.
We also have a dedicated customer support helpline, operated by friendly and experienced customer support executives that you can connect with at your convenience. You can connect with us and get an immediate response from our team.