Silken Hair Extension Hair Care


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Hair extension specific hair care you will fall in love with at first smell!

Our custom designed range of hair care , specifically formulated for fine hair AND hair extensions will have not only your extensions feeling like silk, but also your hair.

Our Baciami Silken range of hair extension hair care is designed to not weigh you down. High in silk and low in grease! Perfect for everyone wearing hair extensions. 

We called it Silken for a reason, because once you apply your silken oil straight after washing, no matter how you dry your hair, it will feel like silk and look like silk!

No more greasy hair days, and no more fluffy hair extensions!

Made to go hand in hand with our perfected range of hair extensions in both permanent and temporary styles of application.

Silken Shampoo RRP: $31.95

Silken Conditioner RRP: $31.95

Silken Oil RRP: $28.95

Silken Trio : $84.95