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At Baciami, our story is deeply personal. We believe that relationships hold immeasurable value, surpassing the worth of both time and money.With our founder and creative director's extensive 16-year experience, we have crafted a brand that not only supplies top-notch human hair extension materials and products to salons but also provides unwavering support.

From our humble beginnings as a modest hair salon, we have organically evolved into a global powerhouse for hair extension products and education. As our brand flourishes, we are committed to offering boundless opportunities for those who collaborate with us, enabling them to achieve greater success and personal fulfillment in their professions.Discover the benefits of joining our wholesale human hair extension trade account, granting you access to wholesale and VIP pricing on our exquisite human hair extensions.


Our mission is to forge a community of highly sklilled hair extension stylists across Australia and around the world, united by a common objective. Our shared goal is to constantly strive for improvement, education, success, and support in our careers.At Baciami, we embrace collaboration over competition as our guiding principle.

We aim to promote this mindset and empower our stylists to surpass their perceived limits. We encourage them to excel not only in hair support but in all aspects of their businesses, including customer service, skill development, and business growth.We pledge to deliver unrivaled quality and consistently invest in expanding our knowledge.

By continuously learning and refining our techniques, we equip ourselves and our dedicated customers with superior tools and education. Together, we foster growth and excellence in everything we do.


In our hair extension and hair extension tool manufacturing company, we closely work with our product creators to uphold a high level of quality control following Australian standards. Building a strong and trustworthy relationship with them, we collaborate to customise every aspect of our hair and tools. This ensures that only the highest quality single donor virgin hair passes our thorough tests, undergoing meticulous and careful bleaching.

Rest assured, we offer one of the most robust guarantees for cuticle correct remy hair in the market. We stand behind our promises, which is why we confidently offer a foolproof money-back guarantee on our no-matte promise.To provide convenience to hairstylists and professionals, we offer online shopping for our human hair extensions and hair extension tools across Australia, New Zealand, and globally. By signing up for a trade account on our website, you can enjoy exclusive trade discounts.

Simply visit our website and click on the "HERE" link to get started.Thank you for considering our brand. We take pride in delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service to meet your hair extension needs.


What type of hair do we supply?

100% Remy human hair, Remy means cuticle correct, meaning all of the cuticles are facing the correct way during manufacturing . This means the hair won’t matte or birds nest after washing a few times . 

This is extremely important when sourcing hair extensions all over the world as Baciami do. We also retain the natural cuticle by eliminating the acid bath and silicon coatings many manufacturing companies over seas may use.

How is the hair made?

Our hair is ethically sourced all over the globe. Our hair stays single donor, which means that they only use one persons hair for each packet and do not mix hair. The hair is cleansed without using an acid bath. This means our hair contains the natural cuticle , which makes it feel and look more natural and much easier to blend when cutting in.
The hair is coloured using American hair colours once it is cleansed, cut to length and prepared in the form of hair extension it is going to become. After this process the hair is treated only using natural hair treatments without any silicons or coatings. The hair is then packaged and delivered to our warehouse .

What training do we provide?

We offer team training , one on one training , masterclasses and also online training.

We can train in multiple methods including the concealed bead method, mesh integration system, micro keratin capsules and tape hair extensions.

To get a quote and more information, please email us education@baciamihairextensions.com

How long will the hair last?

Our hair will last between 6 -18 months all completely depending on the care , colour and lifestyle of those wearing them .

Will the hair ever matte?

Our hair has a 100% cuticle correct guarantee. This means the cuticles on the hair extensions have all been placed the correct direction when being manufactured. This will prevent any birds nesting or matting in the extensions and if for some reason they do matte up, we will ask to recei e them back for analysis and then can either refund or replace them for you.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 3o day exhchange or credit on any non-faulty items . We don't refund on change of mind however we do refund on matting hair or faulty goods. Our policy is to return the goods for analysis for any concerns and for exchanges or credits you will need to return the products at your own postage costs and may incur extra postage costs to send more goods out in exchange on change of mind. 

We don't have a guarantee on split ends of hair colours fading as this is the nature of human hair and home care and wear will greatly impact every customers experience.

How should the hair extensions be cared for?

We advise against using any olaplex or plex systems on our hair as they can deteriorate the tops of the extensions where the glue sits. We also recommend only using hair extension specific moisture products and to stay away form large amounts of protein. Always use a leave in oil or conditioner and ensure heat protection is used when both drying or heat styling every single time. 

Our 100% silk head caps are also a great way to ensure longevity as they prevent any tangling and excessive brushing when sleeping and waking up .

How long does postage take? 

We use Australia Post for shipping all of our AUS and NZ orders. We also use UPS for international orders. Standard orders without express generally take up to 7 days and will depend on Aus Post and their timing. Express orders with Aus Post state 1-3 days in general. UPS express and internatinoal orders generally take up to 7 days.

Will the hair need re-colouring?

Hair extensions will naturally fade as they have been toned or coloured initially to get the colours that we stock. We recommend 6 week top ups on toners or gloss colours , and 12 week full re colours for root stretch colours or foiled looks. This should all be done by a qualified hairdresser with experience in colouring hair extensions. Home care colouring products such as purple shampoo and colour shampoos can also be used in small quantities as to not overtone which can be difficult to remove.

Hair extensions and sunscreen?

Sunscreen will turn hair extensions gold or orange due to the active ingredient in it avabenzole. You can avoid this by using mineral sunscreens without this ingredient . It is extremely difficult to remove and shoiuld be avoided to start if possible.