Hair extension clips , scissors and needle kit bundle


This bundle is one of our most popular hair extension bundles! With both of our mini scissor & needle kit, bundles with our all new taupe mini clip, scissor and needle bundles!

You will love how cute this duo is and how easy they are to pack and keep organised in your hair extension or hairdressing trolley.

We love to bundle & save! 

The right tools for the job with Baciami
Our bundles and kits and made to make your life easier and make your hair extension applications smoother and hair extension clients happier and more satisfied.

Quality, you can trust
At Baciami, we're passionate about providing quality products and customer service. We only use the highest-quality materials, and our team is always available to help if there's any issue with your order.
Quality is a core value at Baciami, and we believe that it's crucial to provide the most fantastic customer experience possible. Therefore, we only use the highest quality materials in our products.

Made to last
All of our hair extension tools and kits are made to last from high quality materials and custom designed.