Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Mastery & Business Developments - Baciami® Hair Extensions

Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Course & Business Development

Developed by successful hair salon owner and hairdresser Melissa Proietti for those at all experience levels from just launching a new business, or implementing into your current business

Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Mastery & Business Developments
Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Mastery & Business Developments

Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Mastery & Business Developments


Ready to become a certified hair extension technician?

Elevate your business and craft with 'Entrepreneur Elements': The comprehensive hair extension course with Melissa Proietti's insider insights


You aren't sure which company to trust, and these courses aren't exactly " cheap ". You want to make sure your actually learning the best methods, with quality installations , and your really need just an all in one course, that contains everything readily available so you can just start your business confidently immediately.

12 years ago, I started my hair salon on a small budget in a little bedroom. Now, I own three salons, trained 20+ staff in hair extensions, taught over 2000 students, and achieved financial and time freedom to be with my children, all because of hair extensions.

  • 5x hair extension application methods for all styles of wefts and tape hair extensions using only the most advanced damage free solutions in the industry.
  • Over 200 pages of business blueprints to develop you into an absolute business BOSS
  • BONUS course included! The ultimate hair extension business bundle, with downloadable forms, templates, contract & so much more!

What makes our course the best in the biz? Take a look at all of the elements included with LIFETIME access

To be brief, there are many hair extension courses available, but learning from an experienced hairdresser is essential to mastering every aspect of hair extensions. With 15+ years of experience, I can offer invaluable knowledge in salon management, client servicing, colors and more. Having worked on cruise ships and owning 3 salons, our mentoring and coaching services are available for a lifetime to our 2280+ stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand, at no additional cost. We value building genuine relationships with our clients and seeing them succeed.


  • 5X The most sought after hair extension application methods
  • comprehensive video modules to follow along with for each individual method course , with live consultation demonstrationg , and a break down of each step from application to removal.


Understanding the strategies involved in scaling your business are important if you want to achieve sustainable growth. Althought both scaling and growing are 2 different things, you need to understand both in order to implement the right strategies for both. If you simply " grow " you will never achieve the freedom financially or personally that you want , you need to learn to " scale " in order to live a successful and stress free life. 


Launching a new business can be daunting , not to mention having to figure it all out on your own. We take you eveery step of the way through registering your business, to understanding your tax requirements and launching from the ground up. Don't go at it alone, skip the figuring out and know your off to the best start possible!


It's not just your skill behind the chair that will make or break you as a business owner. 80% of your success will come from things outside of your skill. Don't get me wrong, your skill is immensely important , but if you want to grow a business , there is more to it .Learn how a business professional creates goals, and handles their mentality .


The most common questions we get from our students are surrounding pricing . In this workbook, you will learn every aspect of how to create pricing that works for you, and to also create the exact profit you wish to receive from your business. Working backwards is one of the most popular ways for business owners to create a price list and understand their numbers. This booklet will take you through each and every step from creating to implementing.


Take back your precious time, and learn how to work smarter instead of harder. This strategy has been proven to work , and will help you sit down and work through ways that you can save money and time in order to put that time back into creating more revenue.

Australia's largest kit!
Everything you see below included and sent straight out to start your practice.

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Upon completion of your course, you will confidently be able to apply hair extensions

As well as use all of the business blueprints to market and scale your new or existing business

What are our students saying?


Our best selling hair extension business bundle is also included for FREE in our entrepreneur elements course. Don't waste another second mucking around on Canva, hit the ground running with all of the forms,  contracts, care cards and so much more , that you need in order to launch and professionaly run your hair extension business. Instant access and fully customiseable on Canva.

All of the elements included in this course are VALUED at over $5000

We created this course so that education can be affordable , and still deliver only the highest quality technical and business development training for you.

Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Mastery & Business Developments
Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Mastery & Business Developments

Entrepreneur Elements Hair Extension Mastery & Business Developments


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