Brisbane Hair Extensions

The Low Down

What type of hair is Jayne?

European Remy hair, Remy means cuticle correct, meaning all of the cuticles are facing the correct way during manufacturing . This means the hair won’t matte or birds nest after washing a few times .

This is extremely important when sourcing hair extensions.

 How is the hair made? 

Our hair is ethically sourced throughout Europe. Our hair stays single donor, which means that they only use one persons hair for each packet and do not mix hair. The hair is cleansed WITHOUT using

an acid bath. This means our hair contains the natural cuticle , which makes it feel and look more natural and much easier to blend when cutting in.

The hair is coloured using American hair colours once it is cleansed, cut to length and prepared in the form of hair extension it is going to become. After this process the hair is treated ONLY using natural hair treatments without any silicons or coatings. The hair is then packaged and delivered to our warehouse .

Will the hair matte?

NO , we have a matte free guarantee which means that due to the cuticles all being placed the correct way the hair will not matte. It can become dry and tangle if not brushed and treated correctly

but it will not matte. 

What sort of brush can be used on the extensions?

It is recommended to use a wet brush or tangle teaser . Be careful not to get caught in the top of the extensions , which generally won’t happen with these styles of brushes. A wide tooth comb is also great for wet hair extension .

What is Double Drawn Hair?

 Double drawn hair , means all of the cuticles are the exact same length. This means that they have removed the shorter natural layers in the hair , making it very thick from roots to ends , however very

hard to blend and you do need to cut quite a lot into it to create layers and blend them into the natural hair. 

Double Drawn hair is very rarely from a single donor, making the risk of matting quite high as the hair has been completely pulled apart to create a packet of hair extensions , creating more risk that cuticles have been placed incorrectly.

Jayne hair is not single or double drawn hair , but it sits in the middle. We keep some natural cuticle to make the hair look natural and blend well without cutting much at all . We also ensure the hair is

still thick and lush.

What are the benefits of each style of weft , and how do they differ?

Machine Weft is the most common method of weft used for application. It is easy to sew in and apply using various track methods and beaded weft methods. Machine weft is extremely durable and the most affordable out of the weft styles . Each packet comes in 50g packs. 

Flat Silk Weft is our second most premium style of weft , with a flat silk top rather than a machine sewn top. It sits as flat as paper , but also a jelly like style on the top that is flexible and comfortable on the scalp. The silk does not contain a ‘fringe’ like the machine weft and the hand tied weft does, neaning it won’t cause any itch like some people may experience from machine or hand tied that do contain the fringe. These come in 50g packs

Hand Tied Weft is the MOST premium style of weft we stock. The hand tied top on it means it is extremely fine , discreet and comfortable. The hand tied are the most flush style of weft , however

they can be tricky to start out with as you cannot cut this weft , rather fold it to size . This weft comes in 60g packs , with 3 12cm pieces in each pack and 22” only.