Wholesale hair extensions

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What extension methods do we provide (ie, weft, tape)?

We provide Flat Silk Weft , Hand Tied Weft, Machine Weft , Tape , Clip in and Ponytail hair in lengths of 20" , 22" and 24" currently

What are the benefits of each?

The Machine Weft is the most common method of weft used for application , it is easy to sew in and apply using 2 different track methods, extremely durable and the most affordable out of our weft styles. These come in 50g packs.

Flat Silk Weft is our second most premium style of weft, with a flat silk top rather than a machine sewn top , it sits as flat as paper , but also a jelly like style on the top that is flexible and comfortable on the scalp . The silk weft does not contain a "fringe" like the machine weft and hand tied weft, meaning it won't cause any itch like some people may experience from machine or hand tied that contain a fringe.

These come in 50g packs .

The hand tied weft is the MOST premium style of weft we stock , the hand tied top on it means extremely fine , discreet and comfortable. The hand tied wefts are the most flush style of weft , however they can be tricky to star out with as you cannot cut this weft, rather fold it. This weft comes in 60g packs and would be recommended to start using , once feeling confident with the other styles of wefts available.

All of our wefts can be applied using the invisible bead method , which is a brand new method we teach that hides all beads and tracks, leaving the weft looking like its floating within the hair. We recommend training in the invisible bead , after our initial training.


What is the maintenance for each method?

 All of our methods require 6 week move ups , that includes tape and all weft methods. We will help advise pricing and timing for these depending on how much is applied.


What is the timing for application for each method (From a hairdresser with no experience who has just been trained)?

For a start up , we recommend a 2 hour time frame , to give time to consult , apply , cut and style from start to finish in a reasonable time and not rushing. Once confident , this can be cut down to around 1.5 hours.

What type of hair is it?

Jayne Hair is European Hair , each packet is sourced from one single donor, meaning consistency in quality and cuticle direction . Our hair is coloured in America using high quality colours and not using Chinese hair colour .

Our hair has a 100% cuticle correct guarantee , the reason this is important is because if the cuticles are not 100% REMY , the hair will matte after the silicon coating has washed off over a few months , and start to birds nest which can never be corrected.

With our guarantee it means you will never have to worry about this, and if you ever did , we guarantee to replace the hair. ( this has never happened we are proud to say )

Our hair does not contain any coatings at all , and still had the natural cuticle within the hair follicle , this means the hair is extremely easy to blend in without causing steps within the hair extensions , like some double drawn hair can do .

Our hair also does not receive an acid bath when it is manufactured , meaning the cuticle is stronger and will last longer before becoming split at the ends.

Our hair is also ethically sourced .

What training do we provide?

Our training generally includes the LA Weave and Flat Track method , hands on with the team on a live model . A tape demonstration is included and everything else from consult cards to aftercare and pricing.

We also have an online course that can be found on our website.

What colour varieties do we have?

We currently have 17 colours , with 3 ombre colours , 2 balayage and a variety of mix foil colours and blonde through to black .

Can you colour the extensions?

You sure can! Just like normal hair and given they have no coatings , the will take perfectly . We do have some toning tips and tricks we will share with you in our training.

What makes our brand stand out from others?

Our #1 priority within our company is salon support and education . This means working extremely close with our salons to ensure we are delivering the best service and communication .

We believe in quality over quantity , meaning we would prefer grow close relationships with a handful of salons, rather than have thousands of customers and the public that we don't share a relationship with at all .

We are also normal down to earth hairdressers, who know the ins an outs of running a salon , the daily stresses and complications that come with the trade! And we are constantly on the phone with our stockists , not just regarding sales, but sometimes to offer advice , or a second opinion , that we choose to do rather than have to , because we actually care .

We don't believe in becoming stagnant, and strive to improve in everything from methods and education , to products , colours and how we can enhance the industry of hair extensions for our fellow stylists and salons.

All of our colours are custom developed by ourselves , which we then send over seas to becoming manufactured , rather than picked off a shelf that they have sat on for months and months in a warehouse over seas.

Lastly , we will NEVER compromise the quality of our product, to make a dollar. We know there are cheaper manufactures out there , and we could make more profit by trying to source a cheaper product. However , cheaper means cheaper, and that's just not cool with us!

Quality over quantity always!.