Are the tape and weft extensions the same thickness?
A full head of tape and weft extensions are 100g. 40 pieces of tape are equivalent to a full head and one packet of weft extensions is also a full head.
How are the tape applied? 
Tape are applied using a 'sandwhiching' method where the natural hair is positioned in between 2 pieces of tape to secure. Training Is available on this in our salon, also in organised group training through our company. 
How are the wefts applied?
wefts can be applied in various ways. La Bella Vita, our sister salon, like to apply weft extensions using silicon beads. the extensions are applied in rows which make them very easy to style, apply and move up. Training Is available on this in our salon or also in organised group training through our company. Alternatively, they can be sewn in.
How are the clip-ins applied?
Clip in extensions are applied section by section using small silicon coated clips. The hair is sections starting with a row of 2 clips at the bottom. The rows then continue up the head with more clips on longer rows. We advise our customers to seek a hairdresser to help cut in and shape your extensions to suit you.
How can I learn more about these techniques?
our salon offers group training for salons and also individuals either on site or in salon. to organise your group or personal session, please email us at owner@labellavitamakeupandhair
what is the hair made from?
Jayne hair extensions are made from A grade remy Russian hair. Russian hair has been proven to last longer and be softer and more manageable than indian and European hair. this hair is at the peak of the industry and guranteed quality.
What is the return policy?
because Jayne guarantees quality, we also offer customer satisfaction guarantees. if you are not 100% happy with the hair you have received, send it back to us and we will analyse the problem, replace the hair and refer to our manufacturer to ensure the problem is resolved in the future. If the hair has been worn or used for a prolonged period of time before reported, unfortunately the problem may have occured from using the wrong shampoo and conditioner and will not be able to be exchanged. please ensure you are educating your clients or customers correctly on the right products to maintain the hair.
what products do I use?
Jayne hair require specific products to ensure longevity and health for the hair extensions. our custom made range is highly recommended as it is designed purely for hair extensions. hair extensions cannot have excessive proteins used on them because it dry's out the hair. please make sure you remember t order you hair care along with your hair .