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What is the one thing i hear , day in and day out from small business owners and salon owners around the globe? HOW MUCH YOUR LATE MINUTE CANCELATIONS AND NO SHOWS, ARE AFFECTING YOUR BUSINESS! I know , you feel this to your core. But you still feel bad taking a deposit , or don't know how to go about it the right way. 
Well, this is your sign to start.... yesterday!

If you sat down and did the maths on how many hair extension and hair salon cut and colour clients canceled every single year, you would actually pass out! Most salons that offer hair extensions and hair hair extensions as their largest no show or cancelation, are losing on average, around $25000 - $30000 a yer. Yep , and that is just from an approximate figure of $500 loss per week. As you know, most salons with multiple staff loose even more than that a week, and it really ads up!

There are a few different options when it comes to protecting yourself such as taking deposits , or charging a cancelation fee. But let's be real, once the client has canceled , you have bucklies chance of actually getting that money back.

You need to be realistic when taking your deposits, you need to be strong and stick to your policy without being bullied or feeling bad. After all . this is how you keep a roof over your head AND your staff, and without income or profit you cease to exist!
Today is the day babies! I know it can be hard, but there are no more excuses. Implement those policies today!

You can watch me talk about this in real time and real life below , on Banter with Baciami!.

Who is Baciami?

  • Leading hair extension salon Jayne & Co within Brisbane, with a leading hair extension wholesale company and education provider. A company that has organically grown and is quickly taking over by storm, due to the incredible customer service, quality and services provided.
  • Home of the trademarked genius weft hair extensions. The genius weft is the slimmest and most discreet weft hair extension on the market. Australia's only provider of the original Genius weft.
  • Offering silk weft, machine weft , tape hair extensions , clip in hair extensions and a huge range of hair extension tools, Baciami is the #1 provider in the state to salons , freelancers and wholesale supply shops across the country.

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