We build our business on forming relationships

“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”




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Baciami is built on the belief that relationships are worth more than time and money put together. With over 16 years experience , our founder and creative director has developed a brand that not only works with salons to provide only the highest quality in materials and product, but also provides endless support.

Starting out from humble beginnings , we have grown organically from a simple hair salon, to a global brand for hair extension products and education. As we grow , our brand grows also and continues to offer those who work with us, endless opportunity to become more successful and happier within their work field.


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We strive to build an elite group of stylists all working towards a common goal. To constantly work on becoming better, more educated, more successful and more supported within their careers.

Collaboration over competition is our motto and we aim to spread that message and continue to push our stylists beyond what they believe their limits are, to excel in every aspect of their businesses.

We promise to always deliver on quality and invest in continuously learning more, improving further , and delivering only the most exceptional tools and education to drive growth for ourselves and our loyal customers. 

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With an extremely close relationship to our manufacturing company, we are constantly ensuring the highest quality control measures.

We have built and honest and trusting relationship to the creators of our product, and customise almost every aspect of our hair and tools.

With only the highest single donor virgin hair passing the test, and a long and slow bleach process , we can assure you won't be disappointed when it comes to the delivery.

We offer one of the strongest cuticle correct guarantees on the market, with an full proof money back guarantee on our no matte promise.

What type of hair do we supply?

European Remy hair, Remy means cuticle correct, meaning all of the cuticles are facing the correct way during manufacturing . This means the hair won’t matte or birds nest after washing a few times .

This is extremely important when sourcing hair extensions.

How is the hair made?

Our hair is ethically sourced throughout Europe. Our hair stays single donor, which means that they only use one persons hair for each packet and do not mix hair. The hair is cleansed without using an acid bath. This means our hair contains the natural cuticle , which makes it feel and look more natural and much easier to blend when cutting in.

The hair is coloured using American hair colours once it is cleansed, cut to length and prepared in the form of hair extension it is going to become. After this process the hair is treated only using natural hair treatments without any silicons or coatings. The hair is then packaged and delivered to our warehouse

What training do we provide?

We offer team training , one on one training , masterclasses and also online training.

We can train in multiple methods including the concealed bead method. To get a quote and more information, please email us education@baciamihairextensions.com

How long will the hair last?

Our hair will last between 6 -18 months all completely depending on the care , colour and lifestyle of those wearing them .



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