Deluxe Flex Weft " Genius "

Important Information

Our new Deluxe Flex Genius weft is the most premium style of weft on the market.

 It contains no ' fringe ' return hair, can be cut on the seem , and is flatter than a hand tied weft. 

Although it is strong and sturdy, the weft still requires special care while sewing in , brushing and home care.

We cannot take responsibility for incorrect application methods and advise to ensure your client is up to date on their home care and aftercare routine.


The GAME CHANGING deluxe flex weft is here ! Completely custom designed from top to ends , to bring you all the PRO's of our weft collections and eliminate the CON's.

This weft is an industry game changer, the perfect weft for every application style to bring your customers the absolute top of the range hair extension product.

Stand out as an industry professional by offering the worlds first deluxe flex weft!

Weight per pack

50G per pack (100G = Full Head , we recommend 150G - 200G For thick to extra thick hair )

The silk at the top of the weft will vary in length slightly due to the actual length of the hair itself.

Generally it will range from 32-35" along the top of the weft

NOTE : the longer you go , the more hair you will need for fullness , and the hair will be more porous as technically the longer the hair gets , the older in age it is .

What are the benefits of the deluxe flex genius weft? 

No fringe 

Can be cut on the seam

The flattest and most lightweight weft of them all

Strong and durable 

35" long along the top of the weft

European 100% cuticle correct guaranteed hair

Custom designed both in colour and style

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