Tape Hair Extensions



 Our tape hair extensions are extremely flat and discreet.

Our tape in’s will arrive with fresh tape on the tabs. If you are going to tone or colour the hair extensions prior to application , please remember not to wet the tabes, otherwise you may need to re tape them.

IN SUMMER we will send spare tape tabs with the tape hair extensions, as in the heat the tape will deteriorate over time on the shelf.

Weight per pack

 50G per pack (100G = Full Head , we recommend 150G - 200G For thick to extra thick hair )

Each packet contains 20 pieces, so 10 sandwiches.

NOTE : the longer you go , the more hair you will need for fullness , and the hair will be more porous as technically the longer the hair gets , the older in age it is .

What are the benefits of tape hair 

The machine weft is both affordable and durable

Easy to apply using multiple methods of application

Extremely durable and won't break or rip

Can be cut to suit any length needed for each row without fraying or coming undone

More thickness per inch of hair , unlike wefts that are thin and need many more rows installed to add the same thickness as only a few rows will , using Jayne machine wefts

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